Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a body needs ...

Every day i see posts or news stories from people who are sick and have been medically damaged by doctors. People are lost. Unsure of where to turn. They get confused by the many opinions of what is good for a body and what is not. Some go in every different direction just trying to feel good.

We have been told that our illness is part of aging (weight gain, aching muscles, aching joints,unexplained pain, brain fog) or that we are depressed(depression hurts, yeah it hurts cause it's screaming yer body is sick!), or that "insert chronic illness" can be controlled (Asthma, Diabetes, a hundred others).

We are told this constantly not only in the doctors office but in our homes as we are bombarded with commercials which tells us about Advair and Pristiq or Celebrix or so many others. They buy alot of air time. All these bright cheery commercials pushing a pill on you that will not cure you. A pill that will give you some side effects, some not so pleasant. A pill that just might kill you (it's in the fine print). Pills that can and do make you sicker because the real problem is ignored.

It is nothing short of genocide to a healthy life what these drug companies and doctors have done and are doing to the human race. 100 years of medical chaos.

So much misinformation. So many lies.

Reversing chaos is rather easy to do. I sometimes want to scream "it doesnt have to be that way!" when people tell me their loved one is dying from cancer (but its all a part of life or aging), or the frustration of a stranger whose grandma has slipped into dementia interferring with daily life Or the friend who can no longer handle life but her doctor has a new drug.

In all these cases these people listen to their doctors. The doctors who are killing not only our bodies but our quality of life.

I can relate to a sick body not doing what i want it to do. I can relate to a boy whose autistic body makes it impossible for him to control the need for sameness. Bodies in such a state of vitamin and mineral deficiency that chaos reigns supreme.

Reversing chaos for some comes swiftly with Iodine consumption. Depression lifts almost immediately. Energy levels increase. Cold or flu like symptoms occur for about a week as the body is finally eliminating virus and bacteria that have lived within for years. Severely damaged people may have adrenal or liver issues. Addressing these issues and finding the right balance is important but not rocket science. What a body needs.

What a body needs is not to be found in the doctors office or in medical commercials. What a body needs is a balance of Iodine, Vitamins and other minerals. Natural Sea Salt. Pure Water. Food that is high fat, lots of protein (chicken,eggs, 2% milk), veggies(potatoes are not a veg), fruit, low carb, low to zero grains, apple juice (or malic acid), no soy, no GMO, probiotic yogurt, potassium/calcium rich food. Throw in some stretching, dancing or other semi strenuous activity and chaos is eliminated.

Simple as that. Maybe not so simple at first for the chaotic mind with a sick body or one that has been lead to believe the answer is more complicated or has difficulty remembering what was for breakfast, or believes that doctors are gods. Once begun half done. Where do i remember that from? Sums it up pretty good. Have faith to start. Shed the doubts. Once begun the effects almost always enliven the body fairly fast. The body knows what's been missing and screams a big YESSS! Half done.

A link to my chaos ending list is at the end if this blog. The cure to chaos. I feel the things on this list with a few exceptions are mandatory. It takes all of them to find balance. A body in balance doesn't have chronic illness or allergies or cancer. The body in balance isn't overweight or depressed.

The only optional things on my list are the types of supplements and enzymes. I have found the best, lowest cost of the brands I prefer with the least fillers or bad ingredients. The type of magnesium or Vitamin C or B vitamins is optional. I do feel better using several kinds of some such as C and Magnesium, but that could just be me and my quirks. I feel enzymes are important for the severely damaged (like me!), perhaps not so important for those with less damage. They are worth the cost in my opinion as years of iodine deficiency most certainly has created enzyme deficiency. Non flouride toothpaste is optional but keep in mind that flouride bounces iodine off receptors, a very bad thing (only one of the horrible things flouride does to a body). Each person's list can be slightly different. I am providing mine to have a beginning, a concise template to a balanced body. Included is a table of when i take what, another visual aide to see how it's done!

Iodine is the most important item on the list. Small amounts of iodine will effect change. High dosages of Iodine require higher dosages of vitamins, minerals and natural salt.

I am willing to answer questions if asked. Or there are several Iodine Yahoo groups with people following the Iodine protocol and finding health. Google or Yahoo Group search of Iodine leads to an abundance of knowledgable people willing to help.

Good health can find you once begun. It may take a few months or a few years, but it will find you. Chaos eliminated.


My Iodine Protocol

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Art of Self Medicine

I read something today about self medicine and art. It was quite good.

And now today, 2 days later of writing that first sentence before having life interrupted by a virus i have more to add.

Yesterday was a difficult day. Gerald is home for spring break and brought home a nice bug with him. It was pretty bad for him. We ended up going to the doctor, 45 miles away. On the way back for the first time in about 21 years, i got stopped by a police officer. I was going too slow. Way too slow. I knew it. I was tired, it was dark. The cop said i was suppose to pull over to let a person pass. I said i was doing pretty good till someone gets up on my butt with their bright lights and it freaks me out. He said he was at a safe following distance. I dont think so. He was very nice tho.

Going to the doctor is a bit surreal for me. It's about surrendering to what i know is a totally wrong approach to health. I think it comes from being brainwashed since birth that doctors and hospitals can fix you. My logical mind, after many years of research into this matter knows they do more harm than good. But the lure of a quick fix or the magic pills and the worry of a mom for her obviously sick child takes over. Or it's my vaccine damaged broken adrenals ;-)

Gerald was doing much better after a day of increased iodine drops and gargles along with epsom salt, baking soda and tea tree oil foot baths. But as evening set in so does the panic. The previous night had been fairly horrible. His throat hurt severely and it was inflamed. The inflamation had gone down remarkedly during the day of intense iodine regimine but the pain remained. And living in isolation far from a competent medical facility makes the night time hours of illness even more scary.

The thought of another night of not knowing how bad it was bothered both of us. So we went on the adventure thru the mountains into the city to find the cure. Was a nice easy drive on a sunny day.

The doctor didnt want to rx an antibiotic because the rapid strep was negative. Fever of 99. Tho nn the same breath she said the rapid strep test was only for one strain. Arent there millions if not thousands of strains? The other test for all those other strains would take 3 to 4 days to obtain results and so shouldnt start antibiotics till then. Ok i get that docs rx antibiotics way too much but is it safe to just let bacteria cook for days with no intervention if they just dont know? Shouldnt a doc know? We are lead to believe they should know. We are scared into believing.

So why did i go there, thinking this doc would help? Granted there are docs that might take the time to know what the patient was really dealing with. Didnt happen on this night. There are docs that might take the time to give a nebulizer treatment because they would know that nebulized magnesium sulfate has hundreds of efficiacy and saftey studies making it the ideal treatment for asthmatic and bronchial conditions (something gerald has had on occassion) but there was no mention of that. Just an albuterol inhaler and go home and await the results. Eat a BRAT diet and give em a call back. I had no idea what BRAT was.

Bout like torture. So i convinced at least for the script. After all, that was why i made the drive. And Gerald's peace of mind.

I think we have all been conditioned that we can't heal ourselves. That self medicine is not wise or proper. I could see it in the face of the doctor when i questioned her logic. I dont normally fall into the medical society trap anymore. I have learned thru research and practice that i can heal myself. And what began as story about what i had read about self medicine as an artform digressed into lack of faith in that art.

Finding the right balance of vitamins and minerals can be difficult for some. It can be more difficult than relying on a doctor and magic pills. The same way creating jewelry or paintings can be for others. After years of the damage imposed on our bodies by modern medicine some of us might need more art than others.

Great masterpieces can take years of intense work to become perfect. I have one jewel creation that i have been working on for more than a year. It hangs before my eyes each time i create and not yet complete. I have rearranged the materials a few times and rehang it because it just not "finished" And that is similiar to my own body. And yours.

With vitamins and minerals; iodine, magnesium, selenium,potassium; sea salt and protein, good clean water and with a little bit of sculpting (exercise) you have the wonderous array of materials for the art of self medicine.

The art of self medicine has been forgotten. Shamed. We have been made to feel we cannot take control of our own health. And most will live their lives that way. Not even truly living because life gets interrupted by virus and bacteria our bodies could defend against if that art hadn't been taken away.

I suppose it is easier to let doctors be the sculptors of our bodies. But what their art leaves us with is not health. They really do more harm than good, it's true, believe it. They leave literally half of us with chronic illness. They leave people with bodies that can't get out of bed, bodies that weep for no other reason than mineral deficiencies they won't tell you about but they have a nice new untested expensive pill with minor side effects (for most) that will make your body forget it needs that mineral. And lead to the next pill...

Their art is sick bodies that have constant pain or they cut and take junks of another's creation they know nothing about.

Their art leads you to believe you cannot be your own artist. As it has done to me in the past and still did yesterday. I didnt have faith in my materials, even as the evidence was showing they were working. So perhaps the difference between their art and the art of self medicine, aside from their coercion, is a faith in the natural substances our bodies need or the manufactured manmade materials they call art.

Self medicine with the basic materials listed above to form and sculpt a healthy specimen and you can see the true path to health. Your body, your own personal artform, is left to you. No one else.

Find your palatte. It's not rocket science. It is an artform, indulged in for a lifetime. The reward is a masterpiece of creation capable of enjoying life not merely exsisting in it.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Iodine Deficient Idols

I watched American Idol last night and as usual i see sick people. Kinda like in the movie when the boy says "I see dead people". It has the same unnerving effect I'm sure.

Crystal Bowersox is a very talented girl. Probably one of the few who will go on to lasting stardom on this seasons Idol. I suppose any season is going to pale after last season and the phenomenom of Adam Lambert, but i digress.

The girl appeared sick. I can imagine the stress of the evening is ruff on even the healthiest of people but it will really take a toll on an iodine deficient adrenal fatigued diabetic.

I can tell, as she has said, she is a tuff cookie. For the person that doesnt see "sick people" everywhere one might not see the intensity of her illness. But i saw it. It was heartwrenching. And so unnecessary.

Even scarier is that she will probably get the "best medical care" that money has to offer at this point, which just might kill her. Or might impede her ability to reach that star. I would hope that she could find a good iodine doc or her own path to health. I tend to wish that for everyone tho, not just Idols.

Thinking about Idol and others who have won or left their impressions i think of Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks. Both obviously (to me) iodine deficient/thyroid damaged and probably not headed in the right direction for a cure either.

I find it extremely sad that there are so many that entertain me that are so sick. Most dont even realize that the path to health is not rocket science. Sure it takes a little work, more for the severely damaged (such as myself) but starting that path today and making it part of your life every day will slowly but surely heal anyone.

It wont happen overnight, unlike the Medical Society's philosophy of overnight recovery, there is no quick cure to health. We have been iodine deficient our entire lives and the damage that has created takes time to fix.

Starts with one drop. A few companion vitamins and minerals. Good food. Clean Water. Natural Salt. The severely damaged, such as the next American Idol Crystal, or Idols Kelly and Jordin, it will take some additional thyroid, adrenal and enzyme support.

There needs to be some awakening in the worlds population. The path to health is not in the promises of the Medical Society, but in the promise of replensishing what the body needs.

And these Idols need Iodine.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whats in your water?

This is a really good letter about flouride.


It's hard to imagine how people can be so ignorant about something so bad for us. Flouride is bad people. It's bad for your kids. It's not what helps teeth. Magnesium supplementation will do more for human teeth than any other thing you can possibly do!

Flouride in toothpaste is such a baddd thing! (Notice if a child eats a pea size call poison control?) A daily poison. And doctors are prescribing it for your child!

Here is a reallly good toothpaste, no flouride. Lots of good things for your teeth! http://www.swansonvitamins.com/DST026/ItemDetail?n=0

Anyone drinking city water or even cooking in it, is asking for a short, unhealthy, doctor/hospital filled life!

Off to make jewels, lots to create!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The new DSM

I saw this article today, written by one of it's own (psychiatrists, creators of the DSM or The manual, prepared by the American Psychiatric Assn., psychiatry's
only official way of deciding who has a "mental disorder" and who is
"normal.") and thought how their new classifications convert the physiological to psychological.

"Psychiatry's latest DSM goes too far in creating new mental disorders"

By Allen Frances
March 1, 2010

This is a good article in it has some very telling statements.

The author doesnt acknowledge that these new "disorders" are directly related to biological function. Its not in the mind people! Its in the body! Its Iodine deficiency being magnified in a hundred different directions causing these disorders!

Her statement "expected memory problems of aging" ? This is why so many people think that memory problems with aging is normal. It's not. Memory issues are just one of the many symptoms of a sick body that these "experts" and the author pass off as aging.

Or Normal.

Another quote:
"If requirements for diagnosing a mental disorder are too stringent, some who need help will be left out; but if they are too loose, normal people will receive
unnecessary, expensive and sometimes quite harmful treatment."

That statement includes everyone ever diagnosed with the DSM.No, the author doesnt mean everyone, she is only speaking of a hypothetical few when she actually means everyone!

The depressed who are never tested for iodine deficiency but are given a whole lot of pharmaceuticals cause they fit the DSM. The only mental thing wrong here is listening to these experts.

They all need to be charged with medical malpractice. As the author noted these doctors have their own agendas. Well these agendas are killing people or making life miserable.

It's just so needless. These rash of suicides are another statement to the fact that the DSM is so wrong. People go to these doctors feeling depressed, sad, anxious, cant function and these docs tell em its in their mind and give em a pill or some mental therapy when if they looked a little deeper, without these agendas, they would see a body that is sick. They would see the biological problems within the body creating each and every one of their DSMs!

Its really very simple people. Its called Iodine deficiency.

The iodine deficiency leads to many if not all body functions being out of whack. For some they feel sad. For others they feel anxious. Some overeat trying to get the vitamins and minerals their bodies need but the iodine deficient body cant assimilate. The longer the person is iodine deficient the worse they become. Or how about those with "Hypersexuality disorder" (is that really a new DSM?) criteria being they they want sex too much? Or is it really, a person cant control their iodine deficient bodies' hormonal dysfunction. Hormones arent functionging properly! Its in the sex orgns people! Its not in the mind! The person that cant control behavior wont find the answer in the DSM. Or the myriad of pills the DSM prescribes. The list of their symptoms is really endless, depending on the doctor, and their answers are rarely true. The answer is iodine.

It doesnt have to be that way. If everyone questioned the DSM, if everyone asked "what causes these symptoms" instead of accepting the DSM as gospel.It would change. They, pscyhs, will tell you they dont know what causes most of their criteria(symptoms) for diagnoses. Or that some mysterious occurance triggered latent memories from the past or its part of aging or its Normal.

They are wrong. Simple as that. Iodine supplementation, along with the necessary vitamins and minerals to correct the damage(magnesium, Seleium, unrefined salt, Vitamin C, B vitamins) will eliminate all those DSM symptoms.

Got DSM? Try iodine instead of pills, lose the criteria. Forever.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Medical Society Casualties

I saw this quote yesterday:

"It's not just about shortening your life if you do nothing -- it is
about losing your life to illness & disability long before you
actually die."

I have been "reading" the person that said this quote since joining the Iodine group. Just a regular person who had the courage to go against the medical society, who tries to help others and has a lot of knowldege and first hand experience. Priceless.

The quote made me think about how I see illness. It is difficult for me to see a person without seeing what is wrong with them now. And that is the point of this post. Every where i look are sick people. They put their faith in the medical society and just look at them. Next time you walk thru Walmart or the mall, really look at the people. Look at the children. How many healthy people do you see? Can you see it? We have been conditioned to believe all these signs of illness are normal. We are conditioned to believe we are healthy and we are not.

There are millions of people that spend their last 20 to 30 years of their life barely able to move or get out of bed or off the couch and their doctors tell them its what happens with age. And we believe.

I have had friends that put their faith in the medical society to varying and extreme outcomes. Each an example of medical society casualties.

Like the person that starts putting on weight, anxiety sets in, constant illness, pain in joints, elsewhere. Panic Attacks. Pills, not nutrition or iodine are prescribed that worsen the state of an already ill body. Doc prescribes Synthroid (a substance rxd to millions that should be on the top 10 list to avoid like the plauge) and anti depressents and a myriad of other drugs and little by little i see them drown.

Or the person who has been told they are bipolar and doesnt get what they are is iodine deficient which has led to a complete body imbalance of nutrients and minerals. Doc prescribes anti depressents and a myriad of other drugs never addressing the iodine deficiency nor the thyroid and adrenal imbalance and i see them drown.

Or the person who has suffered their entire life with depression, anxiety, inability to lose weight,constant illness, arthritis and still cant let go of the medical society ways and i have watched them drown.

Or the person with constant sinus problems, weight gain, apnea, no energy, depression who still believes the medical society is the place to heal.

And as we are medical society casualties so too are our children. Our babies, who because of our untreated conditions and who have been injected with thyroid antibody inducing toxins in the name of vaccines, cant excrete metals, have holes in their intestines and diabetes and uncontrollable fungus and yeast and parasites, hundreds of symptoms and illness and i have watched them drown.

Drowning in a sea of godlike men and women (doctors) guiding them to a slow and painful death. A life lived without ever being healthy. The end days slowly and steadily lost to illness and disability. Those are the living medical society casualties.

They have been my friends, my family or people i see in my little town or at Walmart. They are everywhere around us. People living life without really living at all. Existing. Dreading the next day. Unable to get out of bed or off the couch, not by choice but by condition.

I was a medical society casualty for my first 45 years. It is hard to let go. Hard not to believe they know how to fix us even when the proof is everywhere around us. The path to health starts with us. Becoming healthy and living a full, feel good every day life is within each of us.

If every person gave up the Medical Society doctors in exchange for true healers, physicians that listen to their patients, docs that treat symptoms with nutrition (vitamins, minerals, protein, water, salt, natural supplements) rather than pharmacueticals, we might see an end to the medical society casualties.

True, there arent many real healers out there. But the number is growing. Docs that have disgarded what they were ingrained with in medical school. Docs who look at eliminating causes rather than treating or masking symptoms. If you cant take control of your own health, as i and many others have (it can be done!), then at least let go of a doc that will only make you a casualty of its medical society. Seek out a natural doc who has the power to help you restore your health and eliminate all those sick, anxiety or depression or tired or "age" symptoms. Forever.

I have let go of the Medical Society, i am no longer a casualty, and it feels sooo good!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Modern Medicine Is Depressing

I read alot of the experiences of people on various health groups and one thing seems to be typical. Most docs really dont have a clue about health.

They know alot about symptoms and which pill to give, what test to run...so they know which pill to give. Yet they know bascially nothing about how the body works and what causes the symptoms.

If their medical schools taught how the body really functions, every doctor on the planet would know about the importance of iodine. One cannot possibly exclude the other. Iodine is used by every single process within our bodies. Every hormonal function is determined by Iodine. Every vitamin and mineral regulated by Iodine. So why is it that most doctors learned to fear iodine in their schooling and never test for Iodine deficiency?

A few never even test for thyroid problems. There are millions of men women and children whose thyroids are being slowly destroyed because their doctors arent testing for iodine deficiency. Same with Adrenals.

There are millions of depressed people because their doctors dont test for iodine deficiency.

Undiagnosed iodine deficiency and thyroid imbalance start a chain reaction of symptoms or as the medical society like to call it, disease. Some are born deficient, starting life within an iodine deficient mother.

There is a slow but growing trend among medical society doctors to prescribe iodine. Even an upward usage of iodine by naturpathic physicians to use more(perhaps because natural docs tend to listen to their patients body and current science rather than what they learn in school or from the pharm reps).

Yet we still have the very biggest percentage of doctors will never test for iodine deficiency. They will wait years to test your thyroid function, if they ever do at all. Most docs will attribute depression to the need of a pill. Or talk it out. Like you can talk out the proteins leaving your intestines going straight to your brain effecting your neurotransmitters or the lack of iodine depleting magnesium, but the pill will hide your symptoms if you just wanna feel better today ;-)

They will attribute weight gain with overeating. Never mind that that overeating is probably a form of PICA, the need to eat mass quantity of food to get miniscule amounts of vitamins and minerals with the inability to break down fats. Or, there are those that eat 1200 calories and still gain weight and cant figure out why cause their docs dont test for the cause (iodine deficiency).

They will attribute your high blood pressure to overeating or stress or table salt and they have a pill to fix it. Except they arent really fixing it, just masking one of the many signs of iodine deficiency.

Reading about every day people on the health groups, several thousands of them, the life they have lead till now, putting their faith in doctors is just really depressing. Then there are the people prominent in the media who also suffer the fate of the revered medical society. Vivid images in my mind of iodine deficiency and medical harm.

I have list of the most famous iodine deficient people floating in my head. Oprah is probably the most famous. Vincent D'Onofrio is one that i find the saddest cause he is one of my favorite actors and is obviously struggling with health issues related to iodine deficiency and thyroid problems. Brendan Fraser. Elizabeth Taylor. So many iodine deficient faces in our every day life.

The other day i saw a picture of Roger Ebert and added him to my list.I felt much sadness for what that man has obviously gone thru. The image left an even sadder thought that he is not alone, just one image of the many millions of others. He is now one of Hollywood's poster children for the unecessary damage the Medical Society can inflict.

I use to watch Siskel and Eberts movie reviews, liked the content of their show. Mr. Siskel was an iodine deficient casulty. Mr. Ebert showed signs of iodine deficiency and thyroid disorder long before he got to the point of that shocking image i saw. How did his doctors miss that ?

Perhaps because doctors dont routinely test for Iodine deficiency. Years of deficiency leads to thyroid problems. Which lead to glandular damage and thyroid death (cancer). Years of iodine deficiency leads to vitamin and mineral depletion which create more symptoms("disease").

So they cut out his thyroid. Big mistake. First they gave him cancer inducing radioactive iodine just to take pictures of the thyroid(RAI). Then they cut out the one thing that was trying to keep cancer from growing in other places. Like his jaw. Or as other docs theorize cutting into the mass of cancer cells creates a massive exodous to other parts. Cause cancer is a fungus or mass of viral bacteria colony or an explosion of unchecked growth(depends on who you ask). Cancer, or fungus, starts small, insiduously growing, lurking. The level of iodine deficiency and the damage that deficiency has caused will determine the level and pace of growth. But the very first mistake that is always made is not either supplementing iodine or testing for iodine deficiency. Cause everyone is deficient. Ok there might be a 1% of the population that isnt but hey we dont know cause they dont test!

Its a mistake that 99% of doctors make daily. And the images all around us of modern medicines biggest mistake, intentional or not, continually seeing these iodine deficient images is sad.

The stories of people who finally find the solution, iodine sufficiency and vitamin and mineral supplementation to fix the years of damage, changes the image and the feelings to health and happiness.

Iodine. Really is that simple.

Ask your doctor, "Am I Iodine Deficient, Can you Test for Iodine Deficiency?" His, or her response will give you a clue how to proceed. Anything other than yes is sign to question. If cutting anything out is suggested, run and dont look back ...

The way doctors cut things out is one of my worst nightmarish thoughts and one of my next blog topics. But now, Off to make jewels while the sun warms up the day then finishing cleaning my pool from its wintery mess.